The Cost Leader

The CRJ Series delivers the best economics of any aircraft in its class, providing up to 10% lower seat costs than competing jets. Bombardier engineers looked at every element of the CRJ Series to provide the aircraft with its operating cost advantage. The aircraft’s lightweight design and optimized aerodynamics deliver the lowest block fuel per seat. And with more than one CRJ Series aircraft version, operators enjoy substantial savings and the flexibility of having a mixed aircraft fleet with a common group of pilots.

Cost Efficiency


Lower Fuel Burn


Maintenance Cost Advantage


Less Time in the Shop Leading to Significant Savings

The CRJ Series aircraft’s optimized maintenance plan and simplified tasks, along with the latest escalation of its maintenance intervals to 800 hours for “A” checks and 8,000 hours for “C” checks, create significant savings in direct maintenance costs.


Check CRJ
Service Check                                   50 flight hours
Routine Check  100 flight hours
‘A’ Check 800 flight hours
‘C’  Check 8,000 flight hours
Structural fatigue inspections 40,000 flight cycles
Structural ED/CPCP Tasks 3,6 or 9 years
Structural Tasks ‘2A’ or ‘C’ Check